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Zoning sought for restaurant

JACKSONTOWN – Chip Krum of Baltimore wants to buy the Avondale Marina and turn it into an upscale restaurant. He’s planning a 4-5,000 square foot addition.

There’s just one problem, he told Licking Township Trustees Tuesday night. The property is currently designated as residential on the township’s zoning map. He can’t complete financing until the property is designated commercial.

Rusty Payne, who wants to sell the marina to Krum, says its been operated as a marina since 1983. Though that doesn’t predate the 1962 adoption of zoning in Licking Township, Payne said its color, hence designation, has changed on zoning maps over the years. A hotel was operated on the site in the 1920’s, he added.

Trustees acknowledged that there are some significantgaps in township records, making it difficultto trace the property’s status over the years.

“I’m looking for some direction and assurances,” Krum told trustees.

“We’re trying to figure out a way not to go through that process (rezoning process),” Trustee Joe Cooper told Krum. He said he and zoning inspector Joe Walker will start out at the county planning commission. Cooper expects they’ll soon end up at county prosecutor’s office.

In another zoning issue, Mike Payne asked trustees for some help in his efforts to rezone 4.62 acres of residential property across from the Avondale Marina to commercial. He wants to create a recreational vehicle campground on the property.

His second rezoning application is pending, but he recently learned that the Licking County Planning Commission wouldn’t even review his application since the Licking Township Zoning Ordinance doesn’t address a commercial campground.

Cooper told Mike Payne that he needs a text change in the ordinance plus the already pending zoning change request. Payne is frustrated at the delays and mounting application fees, wondering why no one told him about the needed text change until it reached the county planning commission.

Trustees set a public hearing on his zoning change request for 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 17. His request is expected to be turned down since there is no authorizing text in the current zoning ordinance.

A hearing on a request by Walter Kinser to rezone 13 acres on Lake drive from residential to commercial is set for the same time. He wants to build a putt-putt course on the property.

Trustees went into an executive session to discuss a township employee and the possible purchase of property. When they returned, trustees unanimously granted street worker Steve Patterson’s


request for a $1 per hour raise retroactive to January 1 and a second $1 per hour raise effective July 1. Patterson currently makes $13.75 per hour. He completed 15 years service on Sept. 1. Patterson thanked trustees.

Trustees also unanimously formally expressed their intent to buy 4.3 acres of property from the Rutledge family. The property is adjacent to the township’s primary fire station and street department.

Fire Chief Mike Wilson reported 60 runs in August – 43 EMS and 17 fire. Year-to-date runs total 661. He briefly explained a recent dispatch center error that sent out the second tone to the department 16 minutes later than the prescribed three minutes.

“We’re hope to change things up there (911 dispatch center),” Wilson told trustees.

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