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Zoning limit on political signs is unconstitutional


Sometimes you just have to stand up for what is right. That is what I did when I had several signs placed in my neighborhood Labor Day weekend to kick off my campaign for trustee.

When I spoke with the Chair of the Zoning Board, I explained that the time limitation on signs is not legal. He said that our zoning rules have not been checked by an attorney. I told him about the year 2000 Ohio Supreme Court Court decision (City of Painesville Building Department v. Dworken & Bernstein) that said that the government cannot set time limits on when a citizen can put up a campaign sign. Every sign was placed on private property with the owner’s consent. I was not asked to take the signs down. I was not issued a citation.

I believe that zoning is important for our community and appreciate the people who volunteer to serve on our boards. However, our trustees should have had our zoning rules reviewed by legal counsel. We can’t (and shouldn’t want to) enforce rules that are not legal and violate the rights of our citizens.

If elected Thorn Township Trustee I will stand up for you by making careful and informed decisions. Your vote on election day would be appreciated. Please call me (246-5415) if you have any questions or suggestions.
Linda Myer

Thorn Township

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