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My heart and concern goes out to every business in our Buckeye Lake area community. Now is the time for all of us to pull together and support each other. Many of us go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner at least once a week. Let’s patronize our local establishments instead of driving outside of the lake area. LET’S DO IT!! We have the power in numbers ALL AROUND THE LAKE and beyond to help these businesses.

It’s not just the restaurants that need our support. Go to a marina and buy some items to re-stock your marine equipment. Stop by the hardware store or pharmacy and pick up your supplies instead of going to Lowes or a large grocery outlet. Get your vehicle repaired locally and buy some flowers or gifts at the local shops. Just think of the impact on these businesses, if EVERY family would take immediate action and commit to buy locally on a regular basis.

Consider this. How many times over the years have our lake area businesses been there for us? They’ve done much more than offered food, drink, entertainment, products and services! They’ve sponsored athletic teams, donated items, services and money to our events and projects. They have posted our flyers, business cards, placed special orders and provided space on their counters to collect money for a sick child or needy family. No where will you find more generosity than around this lake when it comes to our small business owners!

Yes, some items may cost a few cents more at a local small business rather than going to Walmart. HOWEVER, the fuel cost and travel time to go to Walmart adds up. Besides, why donate to China when your dollars will come back to you here at the lake! The convenience of buying local when you really need to stay on task and get something done more efficiently is a big advantage.

The local stores are there for us when we need their products and service, so lets make sure they stay viable. The local newspaper will also be suffering if the businesses can’t afford advertising so don’t forget to patronize The Beacon! We count on them to keep us informed.

I recently met a group of ladies that meet every Tuesday at one of our local businesses just for socializing…what a great idea! Get a group together once a week and everyone benefits!

Our business owners need us NOW… TO SURVIVE! And we need them to survive! Calling all customers far and wide! Come to the lake. Introduce yourself to the owners and let them know you care. Please support all businesses on and OFF the water, in every village and between every village! If we wait until the temperature rises, it may be too late for some businesses. Do it now. Do it for the lake. Do it for you!

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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