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Yard signs tell a lot about a candidate


You can tell a lot about a candidate from their yard signs. Not so much what it says but where it is placed. In the county and township, the landowner owns to the center of the road. The State of Ohio owns their right-of-way and forbids yard signs from being placed there by law in the Ohio Revised Code.

Over the years I have worked on many campaigns with honorable and law abiding candidates that follow these rules: a. Never post a sign to a tree. It shows disrespect for nature and the owner. b. Never post a sign to a power or telephone pole. It is unsafe and illegal. c. Never post a sign in a state, city, county or township right-ofway. It is illegal.

When a candidate doesn’t follow these rules he or she says a lot about themselves. By placing the sign illegally, the candidate does not respect the law or the property right of others, who they hope will vote for them. One would wonder what other laws they would not respect.

Instead of placing signs illegally in the right-of-way, why doesn’t the candidate just ask permission from the adjacent property owner? Are they afraid they will be told ‘no,’ or just lazy?

I have found that a sign placed legally sends a positive message. The candidate is endorsed by the property owner and they are showing to their friends and neighbors that they believe in the candidate.

Is a candidate with illegal signs stealing the property owner’s endorsement? You decide.

David D. Phillips, Sr.
Franklin Township

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