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Writers say ORRD only cares about land, not people


Some folks just can’t keep their noses out of other people’s business. They are trying to run Bob Richardson out of business. He has been there for 20 years and the folks he employs will be out of jobs (plus the township, county and state will be out of monies). He cannot afford to go some place else and start over.

ORRD says they’ve had enough time – it’s time for HydroMaster to go. I wonder how many of them have home businesses? How many of them are going to go buy business property and take their business out of their homes for the greater good of the township? Where’s the integrity of ORRD? They don’t care about the people, only the land.

They say they support the farmers, but they only support the farmers when the farmers want to keep their land – so they can come out here and trespass on the farmer’s land with their ATV’s for their recreation and for their serene views. They don’t support them when they want to sell to the highest bidder (as anyone would) knowing that housing development would most likely go in. Yes, they come out here, buy their postage stamp property and then, want to stop urban sprawl. Those are some nice folks for you.

I believe that HydroMaster deserves as much time as they need. It is never easy to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercial property and/or it’s never easy to tell trusted employees that they’re out of a job. If they don’t like our area, they should move back to where they came from and leave the rest of us alone. What is our country becoming when you can ruin someone’s life? Freedom is not free!!

We need to band together and not let a few people tell the rest of us what to do.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Congrove Liberty Township

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