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Writer wonders whether attitude affected levy defeat


This letter is late, but still appropriate.

I want to thank everyone who inquired about me at last season’s Millersport basketball games or at the Lion’s Club polling location during last March’s primary election. In answer to your questions, I did not retire, resign, or quit as scorekeeper for the Millersport basketball team.

I don’t know the answer to the question either, but I guess I was fired. Before the season’s start, I was not contacted by the coach about any change, and when I arrived at the gym for first game to do the job that I had done for 42 years, someone else was apparently the “new” scorekeeper.

In the two weeks following that game, I was unsuccessful in several attempts to meet with the coach, and get his answer as for the change. I contacted the athletic director about the issue after the first game, and he didn’t have a definite answer. That little meeting lead to the coach blasting me for about 60 seconds on the gym floor at the beginning of the second home game for going over his head to the athletic director. Since I did not think the gym floor was the appropriate location to discuss such a matter, I let him continue in his raised voice demeanor with me, and to take his insult at that time. A subsequent meeting with him never worked out.

My credentials for the volunteer job are 42 years as scorekeeper for the boys reserve and varsity teams,at both home and away games. I probably scored about 620 games during that time period. I had a fun time watching the young men develop their skills, and play basketball to the best of their abilities. I had an enjoyable relationship with all the coaches (except one, I guess), the other team’s scorekeepers and the various game officials over those many years.

I occasionally scored some Millersport girls games. I was also the head scorekeeper for three central district girls’ sectional tournaments, and two girls’ district tournaments. In my 28th year, the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association awarded me an Honorary Membership to that organization for “loyal and valuable service to high school basketball in the state of Ohio.”.

This current coach/school treasurer’s philosophy (as taken from the school web site) is to “treat others as he wishes to be treated.” I am having a hard time seeing evidence of that philosophy based on my experience last season. Maybe he needs to revisit the school’s web site and see what is written about him under the section called: School Board Members.

Let’s hope that this coach/ school treasurer’s (or any other employee’s) lack of public relations skill with district taxpayers and/or community volunteers was not a contributing factor in the recent school tax levy defeat.

Tom Tweedle

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