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Writer wonders about the ‘nut’ in Walnut Township


I have a few suggestions for our Walnut Township Trustees, since we, who pay the taxes, cannot speak directly without permission. Maybe they can read because they elect not to listen.

#1. We should hire more people even though there is not more work to be accomplished.

#2. We could stage big pile of dirt, gravel etc. around the the township facility so we can pay twice for having it loaded and delivered. Oh, yes, while we’re at it, maybe we could have a truck capable of hauling 20 tons deliver 10 tons.

#3. We should hire people who reside outside Walnut Township as much as possible like the Zoning Inspector, the Zoning Administrator, the Road Supervisor and the Fiscal Officer. Oh, I forgot the Fiscal Officer resides in Walnut Township.

#4. If we need to decide something people might not like, let’s go into executive session, never mind that only discussions are to be held in executive session. We should ignore this and make our decision in executive session, not in an open meeting.

#5. Oh, yes, the final objective should be to create the maximum uncooperative environment possible for everyone, so they know who’s boss. If anyone questions anything we do, let’s hit them with a lawsuit paid for with their own tax dollars.

On second thought, never mind. These neat and wonderful things are already being done here in beautiful Walnut Grove, oops, sorry it’s Walnut Township.

Food for thought: Does the word “nut” apply only to the township name?

Deane A. Maughmer Walnut Township

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