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Writer welcomes ordinance rescindment


Starting with the coronation of Village Administrator Hall, ordinances and regulations started to be introduced in a rapid manner. I do not have access to information to compare the number of ordinances and regulations that were passed in the era of mayor/council versus mayor/council/village administrator, but it does appear that new ordinances and regulations started to popup everywhere due to a village council generally voting “6 yeas and 0 nays”.

That village council is responsible for allowing a person who does not even live in our community, to determine the future of our community. The apparent idea behind this, also appears to be for the “growth” of Baltimore. As I see it, about ten years of the mayor/council/village administration government, has not resulted in “growth” in Baltimore, nor has business “thrived” in Baltimore. All you need to do is to drive thru town and look at the number of “For Sale”, “For Rent” signs, and the empty storefronts.

I read that the village council recently rescinded one of the many regulations that were passed in order to “grow” Baltimore, when, in fact, “overregulation” has a tendency to scare business, as well as residents, away.

The rescinded ordinance may have some impact, but an upcoming problem may cause some additional distress. That problem involves the loss of approximately $110,000 a year in income from the sale of water to Thurston. As a former business owner, I can tell you one thing for sure….a $110,000 customer would receive better treatment than Thurston received. I guess that the village administration was counting on the “growth” the mayor has stated was “coming”, for several years now. “You” made the bed, but “we” must all sleep in it.

Charles R. Lamb.

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