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Writer wants to left out of Kirkerville battle


Some Kirkersville officials say they are only interested in what’s best for the future of Kirkersville and its citizens. I say that’s a bunch of crap. If that were true, why do they use the word parties when responding to anything Bonnie Mansfieldsays? Let me answer that.

Those same officials don’t have the guts to say my name. Let me be very specific when I say Bonnie Mansfieldis my friend along with a lot of other people in this village. If any of them need my help they know all they have to do is call me. Bonnie does not need me, she does her own homework, gathers her own facts from “PUBLIC RECORDS”, and does so to keep residents informed. If these same officials were really doing the right thing why do they drag me into it? I’ve stayed quiet on my little corner of 5th Street, not bothering anyone.

So let’s really “DEBUNK” some things. The increases in insurance costs and deductibles were not solely from lawsuits from the “PARTIES” mentioned. Suits filed against a police officerand damage claims from village officialMike Cloud and the police department contributed.

How dare these same officials use the term frivolous requests. PUBLIC RECORDS ARE EVERY CITIZENS RIGHT. We the “TAXPAYER” have the right to know what type of people are running our village and what type of people they are hiring to work for our village. Remember, we had a entire police department that were not legally qualified to carry guns. Let’s also clarify that the lawsuit originated from the “PARTIES” first being sued for asking to review “PUBLIC RECORDS.” Let’s look at fiscal responsibilties then and now. Then we had 15 credit cards issued without consent of council. Bills were being paid without invoices and there was double dipping by the then Police Chief Bob Frye with the mayor’s approval. Frye filed a workers compensation claim and the mayor signed off on it without even telling council.

The most important thing for people to know, when these same officials talk about the lawsuit, is the mayor allowed the suit filed against the “PARTIES” using OUR TAX PAYING DOLLARS without consent of the council.

According to records I JUST REVIEWED RECENTLY, there is no way this governmental body can do all its business properly all in one night. Unfortunately, little has changed and people are still allowed to run amuck and not be held accountable for OUR TAX DOLLARS. To the citizens, no one need be afraid to run or be appointed to a position if you’re related to the Evans, Kincaids, or Clouds. If you’re not related, be very afraid because you’re not one of the GOOD OLE BOYS! You’re never going to be able to do the right thing for your community and its citizens. FYI government officials are exempt from being sued.

In conclusion, let me just say to those certain Kirkersville officials which includes everyone except Bobbi Miller whom I do not know and who does not know me, KEEP ME OUT OF YOUR BATTLE, or I will have to START getting more involved and all of you know I also do my homework. Any one of you are welcome to stop down and talk with me.

A special invitation goes out to Mike Cloud who has been my neighbor for 20 years. All you have to do with your time is run around town “CHECKING THINGS OUT”. Like a good neighbor, Debi Seymour is there. Come see me if you have issues to discuss.

May God bless you all.
Debi Seymour

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