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Writer wants to know when FairfieldBeach will be staffed


I am writing with concern for the residents of FairfieldBeach. We have a “substation” here, but is it being used as a working fire/EMS station or a place for storage?

On April 24, Walnut Township Trustees signed a contract with the Village of Millersport which was presented to Mayor Dean Severance. At that meeting, the village was given a check for $283,190.07 to provide fireprotection and emergency medical services to Walnut Township residents. So why hasn’t Chief Bill Yates scheduled personnel at The Beach substation? He has previously stated it was due to funding. Well, he has had the funding since April 24 and we still don’t have personnel here.

Section 2 of the contract is “Staffing for FairfieldBeach, Ohio Substation.” It states, “The Village of Millersport shall staff the FairfieldBeach, Ohio Substation with a crew consisting of at least one Advance EMTParamedic and at least one EMT-BAsic, O.R.C. 4765.37 ten (10) hours a day, seven days per week, during peak hours determined by discussions with FairfieldBeach resident and from review of prior emergency runs to FairfieldBeach, Ohio.”

After the township trustees signed the contract, three of the Millersport Village Council members present at this meeting gave a nod of their head that they would sign the contract at their next meeting. A trustee stated at this meeting that this was a payment in advance as the village had not signed the contract as of this meeting. Now I read in the paper that the village has postponed their May 8 meeting to May 15 with no explanation. Why is the village dragging their feet on signing the contract? How much longer are they going to wait?

Considering the village was given their first payment per the contract, why is the FairfieldBeach station not being manned with a crew as per Section 2 of the contract? Per the contract, discussion with FairfieldBeach residents were to take place regarding manning of the substation during peak hours? Why has this not been done? What are the village council and/or the firedepartment waiting on? It can’t be funding! It is in the signed contract by the trustees, why haven’t we seen some staffing and discussion for the FairfieldBeach substation.

We, the residents of FairfieldBeach, deserve fireand emergency medical service protection the same as the rest of Walnut township receives and this is why the substation was built. Why is this not being done? They have the funding and the signed contract by the trustees. I don’t understand why?

With Walnut Township Trustees providing funding to the firedepartment per the contract. let’s start working together instead of against each other to provide the proper fireand EMS protection to all residents of FairfieldBeach and Walnut Township.
Harriett Refinati
Fairfield Beach

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