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Writer wants to hear from other residents


I’m glad to see that other Buckeye Lake residents are beginning to see that we really do have a problem with our village leadership. However, I don’t believe getting rid of the mayor, council and fire department is the answer. The fire department and the EMS folks are doing the best they can with out any management. Without a leader, how can you have followers? Our leader is BROKE!!!

I was pleased to hear our mayor say he understands there is a problem and that he has taken over doing interviews for fire/ EMS. My question is if he can see the problem and doing the interviews shows he sees it, why doesn’t he fix it the cause??? We are paying the fire chief, but the mayor is now doing an important part of his job. Something just doesn’t sound right.

I blame Council too! Why don’t they step up and correct the mayor’s error of putting up with the poor leadership at the fire house? Too many of you ‘like’ the fire chief, but you can like someone and still expect them to do their job. If they don’t, then it’s their fault and should be dealt with. What’s wrong with you folks? Believe it or not, we are taking about life and death here…can’t you see that? If not, maybe you need a new job yourself.

I encourage residents to drop a note or email to The Beacon. Let’s hear your voice. Do you think Patient 1st should be our goal?

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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