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Writer wants Thornville to protect its historic buildings


This is the same letter that I sent to the Mayor of Thornville and members of village council.

I am greatly concerned about the future of Thornville. The fate of the historic building known as the old hardware store is of immediate and grave concern.

At one time, Thornville had such potential to become a thriving, charming village with its lovely setting and unique assortment of historic and architecturally diverse buildings.

Sadly, through the years we have watched while too many of these buildings have been destroyed – gone with them a rich tapestry that can never be recreated. Most of what is left has been stripped of architectural character and “rehabbed” to the point of ruin. It has been sickening to watch the sad and unfortunate decline of the hardware store building.

I know the issues with this property are complicated, to say the least. However, it is one of the last remaining historic buildings. To lose that building would be a great tragedy and would sound the death knell for a charming village that could never be recaptured.

What can be said to make our local leaders understand the importance of these structures to the overall future success and viability of a community? Why haven’t our local decision makers visualized these amazing properties as the true treasures they are?

It’s always about money and the tough economic times – they say. I say look at the big picture. Do some research. Visit some successful communities in Ohio where property values are strong and local economies flourish. Their success was all founded on the unique appeal of their historic village structures.

A charming, historic community can never be duplicated. Once lost, it’s lost forever. Thornville needs to be proud and protective of our rich historic heritage. Please have the vision to not let it be lost forever.
Cyndi Neal

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