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Writer wants some TLC for Estates


I have visited friends that live in Buckeye Lake Estates off and on for many years now.

Having watch the Estates slowly, but surely go downhill over the years has become dis-concerning.

The people that live there have to suffer with roads that are worse then most country back roads.

When I drive through the Estates I wonder if this will be the time that a tire will blow or part of my vehicle’s suspension will fail.

I don’t know how the residents put up with or tolerate the part-time travelers. These traveling people are treated better and not held accountable to the same rules as the normal residents. Why should part -time travelers be allowed to have bigger sheds, more cars than a small car lot and erect mini privacy fences? The full-time residents don’t have these privileges.

Some full-time residents are allowed to park anyway they want, blocking other people. I’ve seen vehicles on side and back rows not move in months. Others speed thru the park like it’s a racetrack, while a select few (I guess the ones that don’t buddy/suck up to the part-time park manager are constantly hassled..

One home on the front row has very little shingles on it, most have begun to rot off, you can see them scattered among the yards of other residents. And then there is the so called owners. Look at their park in Pataskala (Willow Brook); it is in 10 times better shape and well maintained. You can drive thru there and not be bounced to death by potholes or poorly patched holes.

What I find curious is neither Willow Brook nor Buckeye Lake Estates are listed on Green Lawn’s Website. Which to me means Green Lawn does not care about these parks.

As to the Buckeye Lake Village Council, I challenge you to show you care and will fight for the residents of the Estates. The residents of the Estates pay the same amount of lot rent now as they did when the park provided the water to them. The residents now pay their own water and sewer. Instead of pocketing that money, the owners should be using it to provide proper roads and improve maintenance.

The mayor and council members say they want to improve the Village and attract new businesses. How can you attract new businesses when you have derelict houses and places like the Estates which is being allowed to decay.

I hope and pray the mayor and council will work for the betterment of the Village.

P.S. I encourage the Estates residents to come together and take a stand on how your Park is being cared for.

Robert Mason

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