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Writer wants respect from neighbor


The definition of ‘good old Boys’ is that they are treated more favorable and live under different rules than us outsiders. At issue is an illegal construction project (parking) being built by Clays’ Cafe in Hebron without permit, but with the verbal permission of a village official.

This is a direct violation of the Village codes and ordinances. This official is responsible for ground water issues and is duty bound to require that a permit is requested and submitted to the Planning & Zoning board for approval before any work is started. When I requested that the village administrator stop the work and have the property returned to its original state; I was refused.

The approximately 10 inches of limestone will force water onto three properties that have had ground water flooding problems for years. I had 3.5 feet of water in this area last year in the floods and lost a car and $8,000 worth of property in my shop and garage. The Village did stop any additional fill being added. To this point Mayor Cliff Mason has not returned my calls.

Two and a half years ago, the Clays asked me not to object to an addition to their cafe. I agreed with the provision that they did not throw water onto my property. When they wanted to put a partial inground pool in the yard, I did not object as long as the grade was not changed pushing water onto my property.

The only time I have opposed their business was when they requested a liquor license for bar operation for the business. Glenna and Mark are good people who operate a fine business that provides great food. Professed Christians, they have forgotten the Lord’s admonition to “Love thy neighbor.” If you can’t love your neighbors at least respect them. All business, they seem surprised when others want to protect their families and property.

I’m a 100% disabled veteran and my home and its value is my major asset in life. Yes I’m going to protect my family and property. As I protected the “country” for 22 years in the US Army.

John B. Stoner

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