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Writer wants park visitors to take trash


This is directed to Fairfield Beach residents and visitors.

While we are all lucky enough to live close to such a pretty lake, there seems to be a group of people who don’t understand etiquette. This letter is directed towards you. The other day, I took my son and my dog to the peninsula to play and run. I was horrified at the amount of garbage left behind. There were copious amounts of beer and soda cans, cigarette butts and snack bags. This is a state park. This is not your private backyard. The rules are simple. If you bring the trash in, bring it out with you. That’s it!

We all want to enjoy the park. However, that is difficult when a disrespectful group seems to think other people want to pick up after them. It’s now summer, a very busy time at the lake. What kind of message do we send visitors when we have trash laying around? Let’s have some pride! Pick up after yourself!

Stephanie Connors Fairfield Beach

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