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Writer wants Millersport to enforce crosswalk regulations


This past Sunday (April 10 ) I was trying to cross Lancaster Street near the Olde Canal Restaurant. I was half way across with my four year-old granddaughter when a truck pulling a trailer with lawn mower equipment didn’t even slow down and he passed by. He just looked at me. We were inside the cross walk. A couple minutes later my wife was trying to cross Lancaster Street with our two year-old granddaughter and no one would let her cross.

I am getting used to drivers around here ignoring the law that says they are to yield to pedestrians within a cross walk. But when a State Park officer went by her without slowing down or yielding, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can not be surprised when regular motorists ignore the law when law enforcement officers don’t even obey the law.

I talked to a village council member about this situation this past winter and I was told that something was in the works to fix the problem. Maybe we can have one of our 23 police officers just hang out there some weekend and just start writing tickets. Something more needs to be done than having “something in the works.” If something happens to one of my grand kids while something is “in the works,” I hope I have a good friend to calm me down.

Tom Turner

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