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Writer wants mayor to outline his plan of action


I heard at the last council meeting that the mayor is now interviewing EMS candidates. I commend his action and hope this means that the fire/EMS situation is on the mend.

I would like The Beacon to interview Mayor Baker and get his plan of action to repair our EMS system. Are we going to have a professionally run EMS system, staffed 24/7/365. I think we can with a new fire chief. Our current chief can’t be trusted to manage it nor will our mayor have time to do it, nor should he.

I think our fire personnel do a good job, but I can’t say the same for our EMS system. If my house burns down and you don’t make it in time to help me, I have insurance. If I have a major heart attack, all the the insurance in the world will not help me if our EMS people are not trained, on-duty or on time.

Charles Allen
Buckeye Lake

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