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Writer wants law changed to protect swans


Just when Buckeye Lake residents were starting to breath a little easier about the swans, we read about an attempt by the Heimrich/Gerdling families to get rid of all the swans.

What’s wrong with you two? You are cold hearted and just mean to the core to want all the swans destroyed.

It seems pretty strange that out of all the Buckeye Lake area residents, you two are the only ones who has problems with the swans. Read Freda Dyer’s letter where the swans entertained her grandchildren.

I have contacted the governor’s office and will be working on a petition to change the law and protect our swans. I want to call it Samantha’s Law since she lost her life protecting her nest.

We will then need a lot of support to convince our representatives to protect the swans. With thousands of birds and other wildlife dying in the Gulf of Mexico from the oil spill, I can’t understand why anyone would want to kill more beautiful birds that God put on this earth.

All I can say is to the Gerdling family is stay in the city and away from the lake where everyone else loves nature.
Brenda Hileman

Buckeye Lake

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