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Writer wants lake drained


Why haven’t the people of Buckeye Lake Village and Hebron been asked what we think should be done about the dam? We will be the most effected if it fails. All I have seen in the newspapers and on the TV is about how the people who only come here on weekends can’t put their boats in the water and Fairfield County residents complaining about how their business is going to lose money so fill up the lake. Don’t we count TV and newspapers?

SHAME ON ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!! I say drain the lake !!!!! I live six blocks from that dirt wall as someone called it. Do all these people stop every hour to see if the emergency siren is going off? Do they sleep with a window open near their bed at night so if the siren goes off they will hear it? Are they losing sleep waiting and wondering if they might lose their LIFE today or tonight? Are they afraid for their children at Hebron Elementary if it fails and where they will go and if the building could withstand a wall of water?

State senators, county commissioners, and anyone else come here and hold your meetings – not in Lancaster! We have EVERYTHING to lose – our lives and our homes. These can not be replaced!!!!

Where are our meetings to let us voice our concerns, let us know what is going on, but most of all to let us know what to do if the dam fails? I say DRAIN every drop, then fix it!!!!!

Where is our mayor and village council? Why have you not spoken up for us?

Brenda Phillips (Dill)
Buckeye Lake

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