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Writer wants Fairfield Beach fire equipment to stay there


You see them in Perry County at TC Market. You see them for hours in Millersport most every day. Enough is enough.

I was recently working across from the Millersport Fire Department when I heard a motor running. I went to take a look and saw it was the squad from Fairfield Beach. I noted the time and the squad ran for over a hour before two firefighters came out.

I thought that they would go going back to The Beach. Boy, was I wrong. They went to Sammy J’s Deli with the Millersport squad right behind them. I followed them and went inside. They were all seated together.

I asked them who was at the Fairfield Beach Fire Station. The new fire chief said he was. I told him that he was here right now. He said “no,” and I said then the station is abandoned. He said “yes.”

I then asked who was at the Millersport Fire Station. He didn’t say anything. I said its abandoned too, isn’t it. I then asked whether being at the restaurant slows down response time. He said “yes.” I asked if minutes save lives and he said “yes.” I also asked about fuel and wear and tear on the vehicles.

Tina Singleton spoke up and said there isn’t a place to get anything to eat at The Beach. I told her to pack a lunch. But I should have realized that they won’t even take the time to clean up the four or five couches and chairs that have been sitting behind the Fairfield Beach Station since last summer. Are they going to wait until us taxpayers have to pay an exterminator to get rid of the rats and bugs living in that mess?

I wish the Village of Millersport would figure out how much money is being wasted and just use that money to hire company to provide three meals a day so that they wouldn’t have to get out from behind the $10,000 worth of computers that taxpayers bought them. At least they would be at the fire station. We hired them to serve and protect us, not the other way around.

I not saying they don’t do a good job when they are on a run. I am saying that the fire equipment shouldn’t leave the fire house unless they are on a run. To Tina Singleton, I want to know why when you are on duty at The Beach that the squad spends so much time running in front of your house. If you don’t believe me, ask her neighbors.

Now Millersport is getting two new police cruisers and a squad. And if they can’t pay for them they can just let them go back. Is anyone else hearing what I am hearing? Let them go back, then we don’t have any!

Millersport doesn’t know how they are going to open the pool this summer. Yet they want to buy two new police cars and a new squad. Wake up! Times are tough and we already have four or five squads now. And where did they get the figure that it is going to cost $21,000 to keep the police cars on the road. You could buy and install two new engines and transmissions for that price and basically have two new cars. You know what’s next – more taxes for the police department.

I am a 50-year resident and pissed off taxpayer.

Roger Mattis
Fairfield Beach

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