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Writer urges voters to support Basil fire levy


No one ever wants to hear sirens or see flashing lights, but there is a level of comfort that comes when you do hear it. You know lifesaving services available in our community are on the way to help, regardless of who you.

The Basil Joint Fire District performs a vital role in our community. They are there at our darkest hour, facing our greatest fears: accidents, fires, injuries. They are also here at the happy times: watching over the local football game, at the preschool educating our children about fire safety, or helping to place flags on Main Street and giving out glow sticks children for visibility during Trick or Treat.

I can’t tell you how many times our family has benefited from the services of the Basil Joint Fire District, but they are always there to help.

I urge you to vote YES for the Basil Fire Levy, ensuring our local heroes continue to have the equipment needed to protect our community. The modest levy will provide much needed upgrades and replacement for equipment that is up to 32 years old.

Have you ever kept a vehicle for 32 years? This proves that the BJFD is a trustworthy steward of the funds they receive. Response time anywhere in the district with an average of less than 6 minutes is reassuring, knowing they are just moments away.

Please vote YES on Issue 13.

Judith Cosgray. Director
Baltimore Downtown Restoration
Baltimore resident

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