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Writer upset with new Liberty Township neighbors


It is heart breaking to see good neighbors get run off by people who don’t even take the time to get to know the truth and would rather make up lies than to admit that any problem is with them and not others.

The northwest corner of Liberty Township has gone to the dogs!!! City dogs who move to the country and then complain because they want deed restrictions so they can tell people what to do. City dogs who want city water and sewage, knowing they are moving to a place that has well water and septic tanks! City dogs who plant tall shrubs around their house so no one can see what they are doing (drinking, shooting off illegal fireworks at eleven o’clock at night, calling the sheriff’s department on a neighbor for doing the same thing you are doing). And after the shrubs grow nice and tall, you hide in them so you can take pictures of all the people around you.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t like people from the city. It just seems that the ones moving into this area seem to be the city rejects. People who like to get their noses into other people’s business and then destroy it!!! If property values drop, it is not because a very well taken care of piece of property with good people living on it ran a farming business out of their home. Yes, I said farming business! Planting, fertilizing, trimming, and weeding a field of corn or grass and trees is still farming. Even someone on a lawn mower drinking and thumping their Bible and especially people who continually have to remind others that they are a good person, ought to understand that.

I have lived in Liberty Township for over 50 years and had planned on living here rest of my life. But I’m not so sure that I can stand to live in a place with such people. My wife was born and raised in this area and, in September, as good neighbors gathered around me and supported me through her death, I wondered why she had to die. Now I can see that God was sparing her the pain and embarrassment of living in such a community or better said anti-community.

To Bob and Susan, I want to apologize. It was my father’s farm that they have been taking great care of for so long. Bob, I hate to see your business move, but even worse I hate to see your family leave this area. My hope is that you will continue to be my neighbor, but whatever happens I understand.

To the rest of my neighbors – the wonderful ones and the dogs – watch out! Now that they (some township trustees and some neighbors several miles away from here) are done destroying this business, who knows who they will turn on next.

I’m now shamed of what was once a great place to live.
Carl Budnick
Liberty Township

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