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Writer thinks Wells stepped over the line


Peggy! Did you ever think a real emergency could be happening while your vendetta (definition: a long bitter feud) was playout? And you are inviting others to follow you in your bitterness against our EMTS. You stretch the truth and embellish it.

You told a group that responders stood aside and snickered about a woman they were there to help. Unbelievable!

There are people who think you have stepped over the line. To my regret, it was not a police matter. Beacon readers be infuriated. I am.

Our EMTS are required to have medical/ physical training. They are dedicated men and women who volunteer, who are paid a pittance for what they do. They don’t know what to expect when they enter a home. There could be danger behind that door.

Buckeye Lake needs our Fire Department with our EMTS. Instead of your venting why not put your energy to work for the areas you so vehemently disapprove of.

You accumulate documentations, files, recordings. What good are they?

Let’s all VOTE for the protection that our Fire Department gives us. Weren’t they the first responders for Peggy?

Willa Glaskin
Buckeye Lake

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