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Writer thanks Gerlings for doing the right thing


My heartfelt support goes out to Jeff Gerling and Christine Heimrich and their families. Sometimes, it seems at Buckeye Lake, following the rules and laws of the land can be unpopular. Thank God they have the fortitude and conviction to do the right thing. I have been involved with the saga of the Mute swans since the beginning. My full support and admiration are with Jeff and Christine.

I must say, for a community that prides itself in tolerance and compassion and a love of nature, some of you are very ignorant, hateful and downright uninformed. Just to reiterate, the swan that was captured had damaged property and attacked Christine, a fellow human being, born and bred at Buckeye Lake. People that have been attacked by WILD ANIMALS or domestic animals know how serious this is. Unless you have experienced this you would not understand (and have no right to comment as far as I’m concerned). Mute swans are WILD ANIMALS, not native to America. Non-native species create problems for native wildlife and ecosystems, especially one as fragile as Buckeye Lake and Cranberry Bog.

Jeff Gerling was expressing his concerns and opinions to a state official in his e-mail. When did it become acceptable to persecute a man for his opinions? Do we not fight wars about such tyranny? What some of you are doing to law-abiding residents is reprehensible and you should be ashamed of your behavior. The continued beating of the dead swan is sad to say the least. Try educating yourself about the situation instead of spewing hate.

I will support, defend and protect my family and friends with all the zeal that I posses. My advice to the folks that are so hateful, myopic and misinformed that they must attack others is to be more like Christ, you know, Christian. Words for all, let wildlife be wild, DON’T FEED WILD ANIMALS.

And finally to Ms. Hileman, it’s cute what you do with the names. It is fun isn’t it?
Matt Henricks

Columbus/Shell Beach

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