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Writer supports Feightner for county commissioner


Now that Election Day is close, it is time for us to consider whom we will vote for in the race for Licking County Commissioner.

One of the things that makes it easy this year, when we select the one to support for Licking County Commissioner, is that Brad Feightner has lived and served in Newark and Licking County, for many years.

He has been involved in government as well as many community activities and I know he is concerned about our quality of Life. Good government is important, but a super community requires more than that.

I just can’t say enough good things about Brad Feightner. he has so much experience in local government, and is so valuable and can be trusted. I would hat for us to miss out on this opportunity for him to serve again in local government as our next Licking County Commissioner. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for him on November 4, 2008.

Richard J. Patellos, Jr. Harrison Township

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