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Writer sums up Lakewood levy debate


So after participating in the very professional levy discussion the last few weeks, this is what I believe the voters have learned.

Most people in our community are so poor that they can not afford proper school supplies for their children. Teachers at Lakewood have to pay for their own education out of their pockets. This debate is about teachers’ salaries or the childrens’ education or scholarships or state and federal laws or something or other. Maybe taxes??

Real estate agent Amy Ghiloni may have a conflict of interest in the matter. Scare tactics don’t work and have not worked but four times in the last 31 years. Teacher unions are entitlement programs for teachers, not students. Taxpayers do not have the right to question how their tax dollar is spent. The school programs proposed to be cut next year, not this year, will be in violation of state and federal education laws. Teachers need larger salaries so that our children can be smarter. Somehow, the size of a teacher’s salary directly affects our children. Anyway, who cares.

The parents of school children do not help their children with homework because they do not know the answers. Somehow our education after high school was paid for by others. School levies prevent teen pregnancies; provide scholarships; and good grades. State and federal programs do not count because they are not paid for by levies. They are paid for by taxpayers. That’s different. Pay to play programs may be too expensive for students or parents, but higher property taxes will not be.

Bill Gulick Jr. describes an Ivy League School in his June 5 letter. I can live with that. Keep it just the way it is now less the excess baggage. This community is not Granville. How many $20,000 homes are there in Granville? I believe that when grown adults start name calling or getting loud, they are usually wrong and uninformed.

I do have one question. Does the teachers union here in Ohio have a rubber room us taxpayers are paying for? I will wait for an answer. Thanks again for everyone’s participation.
David Kenmir


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