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Writer still searching for Baltimore ‘growth’


I just happened to look at the Eagle Gazette (12-21-2013) and saw a story about Baltimore. The story is about several homeowners that do not live in Baltimore, but they have water service from Baltimore. These people, apparently, paid for the costs of connecting to the Baltimore water system, and Baltimore was happy to supply them with water and receive their money.

Well, they have received their “Christmas Card” from Baltimore and find that things have changed, and now they also want their property and income tax. If these people refuse to become part of Baltimore, their water rates will increase 300% and eventually 750%. Baltimore residents currently pay a $75 per month minimum for water and sewer, but I am unsure what these customers are currently paying. But with these increases they may be forced to choose between s“buying groceries” or “paying the water bill”.

So what’s new….The Baltimore Police Levy would have had the same effect on many more people, but that did not matter to the Baltimore Village Administration.

I feel that those people are being “squeezed” to annex into Baltimore. I personally, would go back to well water and tell Baltimore to “kiss something on the back side of my body”. At least Walnut and Liberty townships maintain their roads, and Baltimore does not. You will be better off going back to your well water. If you decide to accept annexation, you will also may get to help the rest of us pay off a $5,000.000 sewer plant debt, and the $ 3,000,000 of additional debt that has been incurred between 2004 and 2011 under the Village Administrator/ Mayor/ Village Council type government.

I guess the “good old days” of Mayor Kenneth Wooster are gone forever. At one time is was “Welcome to Baltimore.” Now it is “Welcome to Baltimore, but don’t forget to bring your wallet”.

I have been writing letters now for several years, and most, if not all, have been critical of what is happening to Baltimore. We have a mayor that is “lost in the 60’s” because he believes and states that we must be ready for the growth of Baltimore.

Mayor Kalish needs to show us some FACTS that show “this” or “any” growth, and I will tell him now that he will not find any “growth” on official U.S. Census Figures. I think that the mayor, and Village Council, both are expecting Baltimore to become the “New Albany” of Fairfield County.

As I see things, we cannot afford the “dreamers” that are presently running our Village, but it is obvious that Baltimore voters do not care, or three “spenders” that ran for re-election, would not have been re-elected.

Charles R. Lamb

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