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Writer sets the record straight


I hope you will inform your readers that I have furnished proof that I am a real person.

I was not aware there was an “official” residents list for Bowling Green Township when I rented a room from Mrs. Volland. She informed me she has never herd of this “official” list either so perhaps it only exists in Chorpenning’s mind.

Also, I did not realize I had to be a registered voter but Chorpenning seems to think it necessary. After watching him yell at residents “I don’t answer to you” it seems unless I vote for him, he would dismiss anything I said.

It was quite a laugh reading Chorpenning’s response to my previous letter. What drama his little mind plays with his Peaksville/Twilight Zone: It’s a Good Life, reference. More evidence that this “dictator” wants to control the township and force everyone to his way of thinking. What a scary world in which Chorpenning’s mind resides.

I notice Chorpenning is lacking in reading comprehension skills. What I said in my previous letter in regards to Stepp was “junk cluttering his front yard” not that he is running a junk yard. However, I do find it shameful the way Stepp uses being a veteran as an excuse for his problems.

Chorpenning better learn what constitutes libel as his letter meets the criteria for defamation. Perhaps I should pursue legal action. I do know I will contact the Ohio Board of Ethics and the Township Trustee Association about his accusations.

Shannon McNab
Bowling Green Township

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