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Writer says ‘watchdogs’ are murdering innocent trees


I am relatively new to the area. My husband and I purchased our home about 2 years ago and that is when I first became aware of your publication…and the ‘watchdogs’ and ‘guard dogs’ and such.

At first I found them humerus. I remember the first time I read one of the letters. I called my husband over and asked him to read it and we both got a good laugh out of it. Same scenario the next week. And the next.

Now, two years later, I still find some humor in them. I now also find them sad. I feel pity for the people who have nothing more to do with their time than to write letters to your publication every week and complain about not being able to plug in their camcorder or some similar atrocity.

I’m pretty sure I know what some of the responses are going to be…..first amendment, holding government offices accountable, knowing where your tax dollars are going, etc. Those are all very valid points.

I just hope these individuals know most people are not cheering them on but laughing behind their backs. I also hope they are doing something to help their respective communities other than writing letters to this publication. And I wonder if they are just as passionate about holding other government officials accountable for their actions. Do they contact state and federal officials regarding current policies, laws and bills or just the people who they seem to have a personal issue with?

I don’t think I’m the only person who thinks continuing to publish these letters is doing nothing more than murdering innocent trees.

Ronda Stephens


P.S. As a side note I would like to remind people that ‘Earth Hour’ is Saturday March 28th from 8:30 pm to 9:30pm. People are asked to turn off all lights, TVs, stereos, etc in their homes in an effort to conserve energy. For more information log onto the World Wildlife Fund’s website.

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