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Writer says voters should do some ‘knee jerking’ themselves on Nov. 8


Team Watkins “gets it done” with knee jerk, yes men. Common sense is ignored with our “This is the way we have always done it” Good Old Boy team.

Bowling Green Township citizens can now see how the Big O trash debacle went down. Besides failing to involve residents at all and only getting one bid, even more blunders are surfacing. Trustees never bothered to notify other haulers about Big O’s contract!

Watkins announced last month that our township is going to try to fine CMI for continuing to serve their township customers! How can anyone be excluded from doing private business especially if never legally notified? Fiscal Officer Jennie Duval’s justificaton was that it was “in the contract” for Big O to contact the other haulers NOT to do business.

Her false statement was prompted when former Trustee Jeff Chorpenning noted that only one hauler received a bid package. Chorpenning also asked if other haulers received a courtesy notification about the mandate.

We also learned at the last meeting that trustees are paying the zoning inspector to take aerial photos of junk vehicles on private property. There was never any public discussion about Watkins’ latest Big Brother operation. What’s next?

I say it’s past time for voters to do some knee jerking themselves and kick out Watkins and Duval on November 8th! Look at the facts.

Geary Stepp,
Bowling Green Township

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