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Writer says village administrator is taking control of Baltimore


The control of the Village of Baltimore is slowly being taken over by the present Village Administrator, Marsha Hall ($63,700). Hall is the voted-out former mayor of Canal Winchester and little more than a political vagabond ready to squat anywhere she can findemployment. Regardless of her incompetent record, town council is clearly obsessed by this female and grovels, dog-like, at her feet. This strange fascination even extends down to Fiscal OfficerFlo Welker ($30,758) who made the rather goofy remark, “She’s my idol!” During her tenure, the taxpayers of the village have paid this deadwood more than a third of a million dollars in wages, yet we have little, if anything to show for the expenditure.

Like cheap wine, this notable unimpressive woman seems to have intoxicated the equally unimpressive members of town council. She is literally dictating the course of the Village and the hare-brains that we call “council” are going along. Marsha Hall is an opportunist and knows virtually nothing about the history or needs of the Village.

Why are the taxpayers of Baltimore paying for the political driftwood that the voters of Canal Winchester booted out? And to compound the tragedy, when Hall drifted to the Village, she dragged Dennis Rose with her.

Consider the recent case of Chad Sims who was dismissed from town duty at the behest of Marsha Hall. Sims was a longtime and dependable town employee who, maintenance wise, had virtually kept the Village going for many years. His handiwork appears on most of the projects in the Village. He was the only one competent to maintain the swimming pool, he and his crew have dug hundreds of feet of drainage ditches, maintained town water service, and renovated the shelter house and other sites. Sims has saved the Village hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been otherwise sub-contracted. He even worked to renovate the officechambers where Hall squats to watch her Time-Warner cable afternoon soaps.

Sounds like Sims was a good, dependable, and trustworthy employee, doesn’t it? He was, until Hall and council discovered that Sims had passed the required water test and Rose, his boss, has failed multiple times (6?). Seeing that her handpicked man’s job was in jeopardy, Hall and council then proceeded to concoct trumped-up charges against Chad Sims, a town employee who had proven his worth and dependability on thousands of occasions.

And now – the unbelievable part – after having failed to pass the required water test 6 times, Dennis Rose retains his $54,600 job, while the proven employee, Chad Sims, was dismissed although he had passed the same test!

It is fair and honest to now say that Dennis Rose, based on his record as Service Superintendant ($54,600), should be booted out of town. Further, under Rose’s command, several dependable town employees have felt it necessary to quit their jobs rather than attempt to work for him. I, myself, have been unable to carry on a sensible dialogue with this guy. I found him to be brazen, arrogant, confrontational with no apparent sense of diplomacy.

On the other hand, Sims obviously got along well with the personnel under his jurisdiction. In his several years with the town, Rose has been literally coached and carried by the experienced Chad Sims. And now, unbelievably, the phony, Dennis Rose, is being kept and Chad Sims dismissed. Most of the actions in the Sims dismissal were kept secret by town council so that taxpayers wouldn’t know. And this was all done by Hall and council so that the qualified Sims would not become a threat to the job security of the incompetent Dennis Rose. To any fair-minded person, Chad Sims should be given Dennis Rose’s job and Rose, should be shipped back to wherever he came from.

And finally. I am not a personal advocate for Chad Sims and would probably not recognize him if he stopped at my door. What is clear, however, is that he got a low-blow from Hall and town council who is obviously working full-time for Hall rather than vice versa.

Under the present administration, the Village is in serious decline. Without any semblance of leadership or imagination, the town is like a rudderless ship, drifting aimlessly without direction or purpose. The proud little Village of Baltimore deserves better.
Dave Mooney

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