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Writer says she has solution for stray cat problem


Cats! Cats! Cats! I have finally came up with a solution with all the stray cats.

I suggest that if one owns a cat that they dearly love, then keep it in the house, instead of letting it roam the neighborhood. Spay and neuter them as a responsible pet owner.

Over the past few years or so, I have had to replace the decking on my porch and discard patio furniture. I am allergic to cats and they leave their hair all over my lawn chairs.

SO, in response to Bonnie Mansfield, all the stray cats that I can trap are being brought to your home and I sure hope you have the money to feed them, neuter them and house them. How does the number 100 or so sound to ya? So, instead of complaining about people complaining about these feral cats, then I suggest you go gather them up and house them, keep them confined and not let them destroy other people’s property, how does this solution sound to ya?

It is very very clear that this is a big problem and probably started by a few irresponsible pet owners who just got tired of them and dumped them. Sometimes, the smell of urine in the neighborhood is so strong and sickening that I can’t even enjoy sitting outside. It is the same as cigarette smoke is to a non-smoker that cat urine and cat feces is to a non-cat owner! Nothing compares to sitting down in a lawn chair and getting up smelling like a litter box!

Of course, the neighbors’ cat is an unspayed female, and one can picture all the unneutered males who hang out, I have cats on the porch, cats on the roof, cats in the trees, cats on the cars, cats under the cars, screaming and howling at all hours, not to mention the breeding frenzy that I have tried to hide from the grandkids.

My one question is, “How do you turn a feral cat into a “companion” cat?” So, I can thoroughly understand why people want to get rid of them, somehow. I think it is about time to get the “companion cat law” changed to exclude feral cats!

G. Wolfe
Buckeye Lake

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