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Writer says payments to Watkins were illegal, noted in audit


I’m responding to a letter, apparently written for Trustee Watkins, which appeared in the Oct. 8 Beacon.

The FACT is, the extra Medicare reimbursement checks Trustee Watkins was cashing where/are ILLEGAL. The FACT is I personally contacted the State Auditor’s Office. After some phone and email correspondence, the next township audit finally DID document a finding on that particular issue. But sadly that only happened after a RED FLAG was raised by me and obviously four years late!

The illegal checks stopped being written ONLY AFTER one brave trustee (Jeff Chorpenning) said he would no longer sign them, as he became aware that they were NOT LEGAL. He also contacted the county prosecutor and alerted him of the matter.

Regarding the subsequent legal case before Judge Marcelain, the issue was about whether Watkins should be REMOVED from office. Personally, I think the plaintiffs should have paid a lawyer to make the case. It was a mistake to take on a case such as this without one. It also should have included ALL of the players involved, especially the fiscal officer. After all, she started writing the illegal checks without any sort of public discussion. Not enough space to go into further details on that here & now though.

Will “Watchdog” Kern

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