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Writer says mute swans will destroy the lake


Isn’t it time to stop thrashing good people for events that happened two months ago? Have any of you swan lovers done any research what so ever?

These “beautiful, majestic” creatures will destroy this lake like they have so many others. There is documentation from lakes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota that these birds are ecologically a disaster. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Vermont all have established laws for either extermination or containment of the Mute swans. The organization, Ducks Unlimited – Maryland chapter, has even come out in support of the established and execution of extermination or containment laws.

The Buckeye Lake Beacon has lazily only reported what will stir readers up to write Letters to the Editor. They should tell you the “Laker” all sides of the issue.

Jeff and Christine, first of all, are not WEEKENDERS. Their grandfather built the house that they live in. There has been a Gerling living at Buckeye Lake since the 1930’s. Not for 30 years as some writer stated, by my math skills, that’s around 80 years. How many of your families have been around the lake that long? Jeff and Christine love the property that they own and the lake that it is on. They are fine, upstanding people that any one would like to have as a neighbor. They want to stay right on the property that they own. They don’t want to “Find a Realtor”. This swan issue has become way out of control when they are threatened by two people and told to leave. Come on people, you can dislike what was done, but, there is no need to threaten. Shame on you!!!!

Isn’t it past time to move on to another subject of irritation for you folks? You have a treasure in your own back yard. I’m referring to the Bog. At one time it was 400 acres and now only 20 acres remain. Now, that’s something to get upset about!

You know folks, a grizzly bear is awful cute to look at, but, I wouldn’t want it in my back yard either! Don’t feed the wild animals – bears or swans!!!
Stacey Rice

Formerly of Shell Beach
Now Clintonville

Editor’s Note: The Beacon
has not ‘lazily only reported what
will stir readers up.’ In our first
report on this issue, we devoted
nearly a full-page to District One
Wildlife Management Supervisor
Gary A. Ludwig’s unedited statement

where he detailed ODNR’s
case against mute swans. For
both of our reports, we have given

the Gerlings an opportunity to
state their case. Jeffrey Gerling’s
complete statement accompanied
our first report.

Unfortunately, your friends’
justification for their actions
haven’t been very persuasive,
particularly when it focused
on their property rights. The
non-native status of the mute
swans has nothing to do with
their actions. I’m confident that
if a protected Canada goose had
built a nest on their property,
they still would have sought a
control permit, citing fearsome

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