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Writer says mayor out of touch


Last December, my fiancé contacted Baltimore Mayor Robert Kalish to preside over our wedding. We picked 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 17. My fiancé was very excited all week as she planned our celebration dinner with reservations at Shaw’s in Lancaster, and then a large reception for the next day.

We got all dressed up, and arrived at the City Hall with some family at 3:10 p.m. As 3:30 passed the Mayor had not shown up. At 3:45 we got very concerned. I pulled up the Baltimore website, and his home number was listed, but when I called it just rang – not even an answering machine.

At 4:25, we decided to leave. I called the Mayor every half hour until 6 p.m. when I cancelled our dining reservation. I continued to call the Mayor the rest of that night, and well into Sunday…still no answer or voice mail.

My fiancé was devastated. She spent that night very upset and crying. I also was very distraught. We decided it was too late to cancel the reception, as guests were coming from out of town. Imagine our embarrassment and discomfort accepting cards and gifts for an event that didn’t happen.

Monday morning I called the Mayor’s office and left a message. Mayor Kalish returned that call at around 3:45 pm. Expecting him to say he had a death in the family, or some other emergency, he simply said he “overlooked” the appointment. I could not believe my ears…he “overlooked” somebody’s wedding??

When I told my fiancé his response, she was furious, and I don’t blame her one bit. Mr. Kalish ruined our wedding, and we will never forget it.

I wrote a letter to Mr. Kalish, outlining the entire situation, and thus far, he has not responded or apologized in any way.

Baltimore deserves better. I find Mr. Kalish’s’ conduct as a dereliction of his civil duties as mayor, and am embarrassed for the Village of Baltimore for having such an incompetent and un-caring leader.

Christopher K. Greenhalgh

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