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Writer says it’s about time


I must say that I was happy to see that Baltimore Council has finally done something that will possibly “save” citizens some money. This appears to be a real change after they have added an additional $3,000,000 in debt since the beginning of the Village Administrator system. How great is that, citizens may save $20 to $30 a month, after Baltimore Council spends $ 3,000,000.

I really do not understand why there is a “vote” of the citizens necessary in order to get lower electric costs. I get letters and phone calls frequently that offer lower electric rates.

I see that progress is being made on the “Safe Route To School,” but I find it very hard to understand how walking along one of the two heaviest traveled streets in Baltimore can be considered a “Safe Route.” How do the children walking on the west side sidewalk get across the street to get to school ? The “left turn” lane at times stalls other traffic, but maybe they can build an elevated walkway to get children across the roadway.

If you read the recent letter from our mayor, you will note that the new water line will result in anywhere from nine to 20 jobs. I will bet that Baltimore will try to annex that area so that they can get some more income tax revenue, and have some more money to spend. Maybe with more tax revenue, we can get some streets paved. If my memory is correct, the village “sold” the income tax as a source for street/road maintenance. I cannot remember the last time I actually saw a street in Baltimore paved.

They pay to have them cleaned, but sweeping does not address the cracks and holes in the streets and paved alleys.

Have you ever wondered why we receive mailings from the village addressed to “Current Resident” ? I have lived in the same home, on the same street, for about 40 years, and one would think that Baltimore would know who lives at my address.

By the way, how much “taxpayer” money was wasted to send out this “Current Resident” letter? I am happy to note that “negative comments” have been made by persons other than me. When “public officials” not affiliated with Baltimore make negative comments about Baltimore, I feel good that I can disagree with what is happening to Baltimore and be a part of that group even though I am not a public official.

Charles R. Lamb

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