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Writer says council member needs to cleanup email list


Someone forwarded an email to me on February 29 that came from Buckeye Lake Council Member Shelly (Scwartz, Swick) Small. The subject of the email was “Seven Kinds of Sex.”

Shelly’s email had a long list of recipients including Kevin Wood of ME Engineering. I recognized the email address since he’s the engineer that the village hired to put in our public water system. There’s a copy of the email at The Beacon for anyone who wants to see it.

If there was an award for “Tacky Council Member of the Year” Shelly would win.

How many times a week does Kevin Wood have to put up with blanket emails from Shelly? When a village officialcommunicates with an engineer, it usually costs money. The water system is going to cost taxpayers a lot of money. I can’t imagine ME Engineering charging the village for these silly emails, but they also shouldn’t have to put up with this.

Shelly, why don’t you start acting a little more professional? If you don’t have any better judgment than this, you need to resign. Stop embarrassing the village and stop bothering the village engineers with your stupid emails.
Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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