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Writer says Chorpenning is the ‘dictator’


I am writing in response to Mr. Stepp’s letter about Bowling Green Township. As a resident I resent his reference to the “ meetings have been run like a dictatorship regime.”

The only “dictator” our township has is a trustee named Jeff Chorpenning. If something in our township does not please Mr. Chorpenning, he then makes a big issue of it. He videotapes our meetings, edits them to put on You Tube and Facebook, and makes a mockery of our meetings. He also adds additional comments to the video giving his version of the meetings even though he is in violation of a township resolution that the public not be video taped. The camera is supposed to be on the trustee table, not the general public.

After our most recent meeting, June 25, the sheriff was called and informed Mr. Chorpenning he was indeed breaking the law by filming the audience since NOT ONE person had given him permission to use their image. In true childish behavior, Mr. Chorpenning put his camera away and left the meeting crying about his rights being violated. Nevermind that he had violated the rights of many others.

As for “board decisions” being ignored, a perfect example is Chorpenning removing the merry-go-round from the playground after the other two trustees voted it was not to be removed. The merry-go-round is very popular with the children who use the playground but Chorpenning decided it need to go so he removed it and replace it with another piece of equipment. Chorpenning even hired someone to do the work. All the other work on the playground had been done by volunteers but this fiasco cost more than $1800.00 and the township has a piece of equipment that is to tall for children to use use.

When election time comes, I hope our township residents can see what trustees work for the township saving taxpayers money, making the roads safe and the township a better place to live.

Patricia A. Volland
Bowling Green Township

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