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Writer says burning tires is dangerous


It is extremely annoying that Buckeye Lake Village residents have to be subjected to the utter display of noise and insanity by the Mopar enthusiasts as they screech and smoke their car tires without giving this community a thought.

This practice must stop now because of the possibility of serious injury it creates for spectators, residents and customers of businesses along Ohio 79. There is no place in our community for this behavior by people who do not reside here. I implore the local officials to put a stop to this practice and instruct such Mopar event officials to relocate their high powered cars elsewhere. I suggest they speed and screech tires at the raceway for the pleasure of those who enjoy this insane event.

We are trying to rebuild our community as we have already endured enough during construction of the new dam and the affects on our properties. This is of urgent importance. Thank you!

Rich Barbone
Buckeye Lake

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