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Writer says Baltimore police levy is a wise investment


Taxpayers in Baltimore scrutinize issues carefully, and determine for themselves whether ballot issues represent a wise investment of tax dollars. In case of the Baltimore Police Levy, the job performance of Chief Tussey and the Baltimore Police Department makes a strong case for “yes” votes. There is an excellent police presence in the village, and the department has established good ties in the community with programs to assist senior citizens, the business community, a vacation watch program, and education and safety programs both in and outside of the school system. Schools Resource Officer Jason Harget has proven to be an outstanding bridge between the schools and community.

It takes money to provide the manpower, safety equipment and police cars to get this job done effectively. We all know that state funding levels for operation of villages has been reduced, and the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department does not have the funding to provide Baltimore anything more than minimal emergency service, so it will be important for the residents of Baltimore to provide support for police protection, and view it as a wise investment in our community.

Paul Mathews

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