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Writer says April Fool’s stories are too believable


First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the April Fool’s issue. It was very convincing.

Your stories keep getting more and more convincing, just when you think you can’t do it any better, you do it. That’s where you got in trouble though.

Many people would say that you shouldn’t have an April Fool’s story in a newspaper, but I think it is very funny makes reading more enjoyable. However, you should have written at the end of the article though something like “April Fool’s.”

I do think that many people over reacted by calling the state into this. Some of the people do have an excuse, especially if they just moved here. For example, I had just moved here last year and I actually believed the article.

Sometimes making it so believable can hurt people. For example, one of my friends was about to close a deal on his house, when the April Fool’s story came out. That year it was that they were going to drain the lake to fix the dam. When the buyer read the newspaper, he almost canceled the deal because he really believed it. Because of that, my friend had to put in the contract that if they drained the lake within five years, he would buy the house back for full price.

To put it simply, I think you should continue to write the April Fool’s stories, but you should tone it down a little and put “April Fool’s” at the end of the story.

Morgan Cole Kirkersville

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