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Writer recalls endless summers at Buckeye Lake


The warmth of summer has made my thoughts return to what seemed to be the endless summers of youth at Buckeye Lake.

Buckeye Lake was called the play ground of Ohio. This was more than true in the 60’s to my brothers and I, and our band of friends.

The amusement park with the Bug, Wild Mouse, the Whip, Dodgem Cars, Rocket Ships, and the Dark House, just to name a few filled in the days when we did not go swimming at the Crystal pool, or roller skating at Skate land. I will admit a midnight swim in the pool took place on more than a few occasions.

All night fishing at Picnic Point when we got older, or just sitting around with our friends talking about our adventures. We never lacked for things to do. How could we when we had an amusement park and a lake for our front yard.

Little league baseball took us to Hebron. The park was located where Our’s garage is now. I was a terrible player. My older brother Larry was above average. I wish I could say my brother Randy played well but I never watched many of his games. I along with Beth Braig and others would sit on the back of our parent’s cars talking and listening to the radio. Beth became a close friend and I will never forget the come as you are parties at youth fellowship meetings on Sunday nights. The loss of her our junior year was difficult for the entire school. I still call her friend. It also made me realize that summers don’t last forever.

The summers ended as we got older and some moved away. Viet Nam raged on and a few of us served in the military. You can come home but it is never the same as the endless summers. The wonderful summers of our youth.

The speed boat and water skiing have been replaced with a nice relaxing pontoon boat. What seems really strange is when 10 PM is past your bed time. Mom use to tell us that all the time. Now I am usually sleeping well before that magic hour.

The smell of mom making home made biscuits and bacon gravy. The more than competitive ping pong matches and pool tournaments. Our home was like a club house. Mom or dad never complained. They said that way they knew where to find us.

The memories of dad sitting out on the step before the sun would come up while I ran a few miles before school. Our parents never missed our sporting events. Starting with little league, High School football, basketball, wrestling, and track. Mom knew little about sports but she tried.

The friends of youth will be forever young. The memories of the many hours spent exploring life. The lake was our world and what a wonderful world indeed.
Steve Thorp
Licking Township

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