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Writer questions ‘watchdog’s’ approach, methods


In response to last week’s letter from Bonnie Mansfield.I promised myself that I wasn’t going to continue this. That I’d said what I felt I needed to say, and that I was finished. I understand that Ms. Mansfieldhas no intention of quieting herself, or focusing her energy elsewhere, and that’s fine. I can manage to put my big girl panties on and walk away, but I will stand up for myself before I do so.

First of all Ms. Mansfield,I’ve never personally attacked you. Did I look up your address? I absolutely did. Did I question your honesty? I did. How did I findout? The public records you love so much. I didn’t insult you I questioned you. You say that you’re not a public official, so that means I shouldn’t do “homework” on you. If you don’t like the information being public Ms. Mansfield,remove it, it was a simple white pages search. You think it’s okay to harass public officials but you don’t want anyone questioning you, even though you yourself enjoy a public platform on a weekly basis.

If I wanted to “personally attack” or “insult” you, I could and I would. I’m opting to behave with more dignity than that. I personally am not concerned with what you think my motives are. I never stated that my time, or taxpayer status was more valuable than yours, only that I make different choices regarding how I spend my time, and I wanted to be sure that you knew that I am one of the taxpayers that you’re “protecting”. It’s funny that you make the assumption that I am an uninformed voter. Believe me Ms. Mansfield,I know my mind, and express it without difficulty.

Ms. Mansfield,I know that you follow Mayor Evans from your August 4, 2007 letter to the Beacon, where you wrote of showing up at the CDAC meeting, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. I know that you asked an off topic question because you told us so, upset because you felt the mayor was short with you in reply. I know that you treat Mayor Evans and other members of the local government with significanthostility because I read it every week.

On March 24, 2007 you referred to Bill Harper as a “geek” and a “jerk”. You also referred to people as “clowns” in that letter. On January 13, 2007 you referred to the mayor as “Boss Hog”. In almost every letter you refer to them as “Good Ole’ Boys”. Steve Martin, Bill Harper, myself, none of the letters I read opposing you showed any of the writers engaging in name calling. If you’d like to discuss personal attacks and insults, perhaps you should be having that discussion within yourself.

I said it two weeks ago, and I’ll close with it now. You absolutely have a first amendment right to read the public records, attend the council meetings, and give your opinion of what you hear and read. That does not mean that the manner in which you are exercising that right is appropriate or effective.

Erika Mudd Kirkersville

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