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Writer questions value of growth


The Mayor and village officials have spoken many times about the “Growth of Baltimore”. They also promote that growth and in order to pay for that growth, citizens must generate more revenue for the village.

The growth that has occurred has been minimal, but the spending has been unstoppable. I will admit that Baltimore has had “some” growth, but with growth, come additional problems. When I was younger, the worst thing to happen was “stacking the square” in Basil on Halloween. Today, we have drug dealer arrests, and now we have residents that like to stand naked by their apartment window.

The Baltimore Police Department handled the recent public exposure problem in a effective and prompt manner, but I still have a problem with the drug arrest. The arrest was handled in an effective manner, but I still have a problem with the “timing” of that arrest. I am not the only one that had a “problem” with that issue, because the police levy was defeated not once, but twice.

Baltimore Police have continued to do as much as they could with the funding that they have, but the reason that they are in the situation that they are is a village administration that wanted more than they could afford, and so they decided to ask us for more tax dollars. The first issue was an additional “property tax,” so that all property owners would be paying. When that failed, they changed their “funding source” and allowed our “seniors” to be exempted from an increase in their property tax. That attempt also failed.

Our streets are in a deteriorating condition, but from 2002 thru 2011, income tax revenues that had been promised during the original income tax campaign that they would be split between the General Fund and the Street Fund went mainly to the General Fund. What has happened to the income tax revenue is that the Street Fund has received $ 624,827 less than the General Fund. Why did the General Fund need more ???? MORE PAYROLL !!!!

Charles R. Lamb

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