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Writer questions timing of raid


What a Surprise!

By the time this letter is read, Baltimore voters will have addressed the issue of the tax levy for the Baltimore Police Department. I feel that the Baltimore Police Department did a very good job in the planning and execution of this action.

There are also some unanswered questions for Police Chief Tussey:

1. Since you are so “understaffed,” how were you able to accomplish one of the “Largest drug busts in Fairfield County?”

2. This was a “year-long investigation” and with just four days before a crucial election, with the additional funding future of the Baltimore Police Department at stake, a decision to proceed with the raid was, in this persons opinion, a last ditch effort to pass their levy. A five-day delay in the raid would have made little difference in the outcome, but I think it is safe to say that the Baltimore Police Department did not want to take a chance of not getting their levy passed.

3. I do understand that there are a large number of legal issues involved in this investigation, but since this was a “year-long investigation” how many more drugs/narcotics were made available and “on the street” while this “year-long investigation” proceeded.

If there is another reason for the “timing” of the raid, I would like to know it. By the way, even if the levy passes, I would love to hear their reasoning for the necessity of the raid at the time it was completed. No one will ever convince me that this decision wasn’t made in an attempt to swing “undecided” and “No” voters. If my thoughts are correct, “Shame on You, Baltimore Police.” When, and if the levy renews, I hope to be here to again make Baltimore aware of the costs of making Baltimore and its various departments much bigger than they need to be.

Charles R. Lamb

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