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Writer questions ‘positive attitude’


A sign at Fairfield Medical Center states, “A positive attitude creates positive results.”

A person identifying himself as a police officer at Fairfield Medical Center recently called my home and left a message. The message said that the paperwork that I had been pursuing for more than a year would be sent to me via Certified Mail. The caller then added, “Your presence is not welcome out here at the hospital unless being seen in the E.R., OK.”

I have been there many, many times. As of March 20, I have never met, spoke to nor encountered anyone affiliated with or employed as a police officer at Fairfield Medical Center. I received this call prior to March 2, 2011. On March 3, I wrote to the medical center police department and so far I haven’t received a reply.

If they use this ‘positive attitude’ with everyone, soon they will have to arrest civilians to fill their beds.

Chuck Starr

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