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Writer questions new store site


Well the local buzz has it that we will be getting a dollar store here in Millersport. While that is not a particularly bad thing, the location is questionable. The property that is slated for destruction is a beautiful historic home on the north end of the village. It will be sad to see one of the few remaining old structures disappear especially when there are plenty of empty commercial lands just a few feet away.

I question the judgement of a corporation in locating a business of this kind in a mostly residential area. It is not a way to create good will in a community that for the most part likes to do business locally. Sure we will get convenience and cheap goods made you know where, a few minimum wage jobs. What we will also get is increased competition for our local business’s, a brightly lit store front that won’t fit in the neighborhood and lower property values for the surrounding homes.

This is another example of why this area needs a robust planning commission to help make logical and beneficial decisions on how take advantage of our natural and historical resources. There are other ways to bring revenue and jobs to our area and still preserve the small town atmosphere we value.

Charlie Miller

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