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Writer questions Lakewood levy ‘savings’


Well, here we go again. Lakewood’s promise of no levy proposal for the next 10 years lasted what, little more that a year?

The headline for the Jan. 19th article in the Beacon was that a 5.24 mill levy set for the May 7th ballot will lower our tax rate. So, what they are saying is that if we pass another emergency levy for 5.24 mill, the state will reimbursement almost $300,000.

Or look at it this way. You renew 2.4 million dollars. You pay 2.05 million dollars. State pays the district back about $300,000. That is, only if the State has the money or still has that program. Now, if you don’t pass this levy, the district will tell you that your children will suddenly become ignorant. If you don’t buy that, they will go to the Auditors office and have your property taxes raised.

Does any of this sound familiar to you. School officials admit to us that our children’s reading; writing and math skills are at the 9th grade level upon graduation. But not to worry. They don’t need to read and write. We have computers and spell check now. We even have programs they can talk into and the computer types it up. Too bad the children can’t talk.

Out of the 3000 or so schools in Ohio, I would like to know if Lakewood is one of the schools that are fabricating attendance and test scores. The school district also tells us that if we pass this levy, they won’t need to ask for another for five more years. Does anyone out there get the feeling that we are being talked down to. Reminds me of the current White House occupant we see on T.V. every other day.

David L. Kenmir

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