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Writer questions Baltimore’s growth


In my last letter, I discussed my thoughts about the spending growth that has occurred after Mayor Kalish started speaking about the growth of Baltimore. It does appear that Mayor Kalish, and some, or all of the Village Council believe that there is growth.

I happened to locate the Federal Information Processing Standards “Decennial Census of Population”. It states….”Baltimore village” – “Fairfield County, Ohio” population in 1950 was 1,843 persons….1960 was 2,116 persons…. 1970 was 2,418 persons….1980 was 2,689 persons…1990 was 2,971 persons….2000 was 2,881 persons. “City Data” website states that Baltimore population in 2012 was 2,968 persons, which represents 3 percent growth since the year 2000.

I have no documented estimate of the population of Baltimore in 2014, but, in my opinion, and “assuming” the numbers from “City Data” are correct, population growth of 2,881 persons in 2000, and 2,968 persons in 2012 represents a growth number of 7.25 persons per year. In fact, if you look closer, between 1990 and 2000, population of Baltimore DECREASED by 90 persons.

The streets in Baltimore are in an overall “fair to poor” condition. Water lines are rupturing with much frequency, Village trucks and equipment are “wearing out”, but the administration of our village chose to change our system of government and spend a “horrific” amount of our tax dollars to pay salaries/ benefits for a Village Administrator, Service Superintendent, “Full Time” Police Chief and Village Engineer.

Since 2004, Baltimore taxpayers have paid salary/benefits of $669,040.03 for Village Administrator Hall, $ 199,733.95 for the Service Superintendent ( terminated in 2008), $224,787.18 for the Police Chief, $53,536.42 for the Village Engineer (this figure is for the years of 2010 thru 2012 ). And these figures do NOT include our present Village Administrator, but starting salary and benefits were listed as $75,906.22 beginning in 2012.

The “Growth” envisioned by our Mayor and some/all of the Village Council has resulted in the expenditure of $1,223,003.80 over the last ten years. How many water lines could have been replaced, how many streets could have been paved, how many trucks and/or equipment could have been replaced ?

Charles R. Lamb

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