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Writer predicts new trustee in 2015


While Geary Step is correct with the numbers he quoted, he failed to realize in 2009, 1,178 people voted giving Ben Hupp and Dan VanBuren about 25 percent of the votes. In 2013, 876 people voted giving Hupp and VanBuren 25 percent of the votes.

Stepp needs to look at the percentages, not just numbers to realize Vermillion was correct when he said Hupp and VanBuren were “overwhelmingly” re-elected as trustees. There were five candidates running and people could cast two votes in this race.

He also needs to realize in the 2011 election when Jeff Chorpenning was elected there were only two candidates running and people could only cast one vote. He won by a slim margin and many people who supported him have said they would never vote for him again. I am sure the 2015 election will put a new official in his seat.

Stepp in incorrect when he said Hupp missed a special meeting. That Junk Car meeting was cancelled, however Chorpenning missed the August and September trustee meetings and a special meeting with the auditor.

Vermillion was correct when he stated Chorpenning will not answer phone calls from Hupp and VanBuren. Watch the June 2012 meeting about 20 minutes into the video.

After the November meeting, Hupp and VanBuren went out to clear roads while Chorpenning went home. Residents are aware of who does the actual labor in the township.

Sam Gorman
Bowling Green Township

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